A boutique design studio

Let's create something meaningful together.

What I do

Helping passionate business owners bring their story to life.


My main goal is to help passionate business owners getting clarity about their brand. In the end it is all about creating connections that will last. In full collaboration with you, we will dig deep and get to the root of what drives you.

Passionate about creating brands with depth, clarity and a meaningful story.

who i do it for

Crafting brands from the ground up.


My clients are small business owners with a story to tell trough their unique brand. They have a vision for the future, they are on a journey to make that vision a reality. My clients understand the importance of a good Strategy in order to bring this story to life.

Founder & creative nerd
Melanie Peggy
who am i

I care about your story as it needs to be told.


I am not here to just design a pretty logo. I am curious about what drives you. I am here to guide you trough a process to get to the root of what drives you. This way we can create a brand that is authentic to you.

current location
The Netherlands