Oct 2019

The Revitalized Chick Pea

Identity Design
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Michelle Braakhuis

Michelle Braakhuis

Creating a platform for all writers to have a voice.

The Story

Writing & Travelling are two of the main passions that needed to come together with this project.
The goal is to create a platform for people who have something to say.
With The Revitalized Chick Pea, Michelle wants to create a place for collaboration, networking & fun.

Identity Design

The Revitalized Chick Pea a colourful collection of all things writing an open communication for everyone.
A writers platform. for everyone to collaborate and have a voice.
During the Discovery session it quickly became clear it had to be playful and colourful as a full reflection of Michelle herself.

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Everyone is an artist in his, her or their own existence, colouring their canvas with the art of kindness and passion for life. Find your voice, tell your story. no border should be a burden to disconnect shared interests.

- Michelle Braakhuis

Project Gallery

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