Jan 2020

Henk Brat

Discovery Session
Identity Design

Henk Brat an Amsterdam based chef who decided that it is time to venture out on his own and become a freelance chef. After working several years for a variety of restaurants it was time for him to move on to the next thing and create the freedom for himself to work on his own terms.
Passion for food Love for people.

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Henk Brat

After having a good conversation it became quickly apparent that Henk has a big love for American brands. He is a huge fan of the Campbells Logo and Coca Cola Logo, as for him it represents timelessness, boldness, and being unique. As Henk was making a bold move himself we wanted to create something that would represent this. 

I learned that he likes the challenge of new experiences. Sharing his knowledge, suggestions, and expertise is something that gives him the same satisfactions as guests have after eating a tasteful meal, it makes him smile. His main goal as a chef is for people to enjoy good food,  by teaching, by tasting and trying some more.

Henk BratHenk Brat

In collaboration with the chef himself we found that he would like to attract a variety of restaurants for his services. Henk also wants to move into the private sector and cook on location. This is an idea he has been playing with for a long time now.



The Brand ended up as a bold & timeless mark of all things Henk Brat represents.

Passion for food
Love for people


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