Aug 2020

F. Art Studio

Identity Design
Discovery Session

Marjoleine a.k.a. Maryo is a household name in the Amsterdam nightlife scene. As a professional artist herself, she toyed with the idea of creating a platform. Creating more awareness for the diverse people of the night Being a professional artist in this scene she noticed there is still a big stigma on this scene. With Studio Marjoleine wants to make a difference. Change the perspective of the outside world towards the Amsterdam Nightlife scene.

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F. Art Studio

During the workshop Maryo already has several ideas for the platform. A website & podcast for starters. The goal is to collaborate with different people from the Amsterdam Nightlife. Showing the world that there is more to these people than a label.

F. Art StudioF. Art Studio

One Identity is what Maryo wanted for her platform to hang several sub categories under. 
Colourful, bold were two of the main words that supported this.
A collective of misfits,  passionate about creating awareness for this interesting subculture.



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