Aug 2020

F. Art Studio

Identity Design
Discovery & Research
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F. Art Studio

F. Art Studio studio, one of my favorite projects I have worked on.
The idea of is creating collaboration and awareness for the LGBTQ community world wide.
Maryo the founder of studio started a podcast called Darkroom in order to create this awareness.
With her podcast she interviews people who work in the diverse nightlife of Amsterdam. When we sat together to discuss what Maryo wanted to achieve with her Identity Design, it became clear quicly what direction we where going with this.

Identity Design

A colourful overal Identity for F. Art Studio. A collective of misfits who are creating awareness for the LGBTQ community.
F. Art Studio's team has a diversity of artist with different disciplines who are creating a world that pushes the mind and feeds the soul.
Take a look at what we do & spread your own ideas, craziness or fart on us at

Spreading Love & Pink F.arts!

Spreading Love & Pink F.arts!

We are diverse

We are open

We believe in spreading love

Connecting our talents, dreams & Visions

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Take a look at what we can do together & spread love, craziness & farts.
A goal to strive by, it is all about combining the crazy, the misfits and create a world where everyone is free.

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