Mar 2020

Dresses Boutique

Discovery Session
Identity Design

Creating a Brand focussed on woman. The dress a highly under valued item in nowadays society. Let the female come out of you, pick a dress.

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Dresses Boutique

During the 6 hour Discovery with an endless amount of coffee & cookies we discovered that Roman wants to go all over the top with Dresses Boutique. With after hour workshops, special dress events. Everything that a woman wants. Dresses Boutique his aimed at being a woman's best friend.

Dresses BoutiqueDresses Boutique

A place for women to feel at home & wanted. Dresses Boutique a woman's best friend. A place for women to become the woman they were meant to be



A woman's best friend, whether it is occasional or an event. Dresses Boutique will be there for all women who want to shine.


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