Mar 2020

Dresses Boutique

Discovery & Research
Identity Design
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Dresses Boutique

Dresses Boutique

Creating a Brand focussed on woman. The dress a highly under valued item in nowadays society.

Let the female come out of you, pick a dress.

Discovery & Research

The owner of Dresses Boutique had a vision. Bring the femininity out of the females!!
Woman are the best thing in the world and they should show this off.
Dresses Boutique is all woman and the Identity should reflect this.

Identity Designed

A lover of Dresses and females.
Dresses Boutique needs to shine, it has to playful and reflect woman, all woman.

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Where all woman feel at home.

A place for woman to go.
A place for woman to feel at home.
A place for woman to be woman.

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