How can I help?

Creating brands with personality. I am here to tell a story through visual language & brand identity.

How can I help?

Discovery & Research

Brand Strategy

Brand Workshop

Identity Design

Style Guides

Brand Guides

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Brand Positioning

Competitor Audit

Discovery Session


Let's chat about your business and connect. We are starting each project with a Discovery session where we will dive in to your business.


Strategy is where you will get clarity about what makes you unique. This is where we will lay the foundation of your brand.

Brand Strategy

Identity Design


Only after the concept has been officially approved we're starting making the pixels pretty. The way your brand looks is the first impression to a potential customer, so it needs to resonate and be unique.

Brand Design

A meaningful brand knows who it is, it knows why it is here. What it's values are and what it stands for. This is what makes your brand different and the reasons why people want it.

In the end it is all about connections. Humans are looking for connections.
By having a closer look at why you started your business in the first place we will uncover insights about the reason behind your vision.
That is the unique story behind  your business.

This is what brand strategy does. Uncovering the why behind your business and build off that. It lays the foundation for the future.

My customers will be taken on a deeper journey when it comes to their brand. This way they will understand the importance of real human connections so they can talk to their customers with confidence.

It is my purpose to find those insights in collaboration with you.